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The Honorable Marcus Garvey once stated:
“The greatest enemy of the Negro is disorganization.”

Between 1917 and 1923, Marcus Garvey built the world’s largest Black organization in history. Garvey understood that we as a people would not be able to effectively address such deep–seated problems as poverty, unemployment, drug addiction or self–hatred as long as Black communities remained so disorganized. It is a sad but true fact, if the Honorable Marcus Garvey were alive today, he could certainly make the same observations about the disorganized and oppressed state of present day Black communities across America - that he made in the early 1900’s.

Surely it is now time to organize a committed group of Black leaders who have learned the lessons of the past and will use them to construct a concrete, positive vision of the future; leaders who will accept their primary responsibility to organize and redevelop local Black communities.

The founders of the Michigan African American Leadership Summit (MAALS) have boldly stepped forward to accept the primary responsibility of organizing and redeveloping local Black communities. If the African–American community joins in and supports our efforts, then we will achieve our mission.

On our site you will learn about the history, purpose, strategies, and National Black Action Agenda of MAALS. You will also learn about the history, purpose, and demise of the National African American Leadership Summit (NAALS), the forerunner of MAALS. We sincerely hope that after reading the information shared on our site, you will support our efforts to unite all progressive African–Americans into action around a common National Black Action Agenda which will lead to the full development of all participating African American communities.
Kenny Anderson, Chairman
Richard Clay, Co-Chairman
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"Offering Concrete Solutions to Complex Problems"
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